Thursday, December 17, 2009

Life is Complicated

Sometimes,life could be so complicated..i wonder why there always be so many choices in each of our problem..the truth is i hate drive me crazy in order to choose something good or bad..sometimes i felt i've made a right decision,but the things happened after that became worst and worst..choices would determined our future life..that's what i've been worried about..i had went through some of the choices in my life without anyone helps..but then i reliase something..the choices that i've made before,won't work properly as i've been expected..i've hurt many people around me with the choices that i've made..but 'till now,i never learn from that..why??is it because of my selfishness??or it just because they didn't really understand what i want in my life??is it??but i think,not only one of them that i hurt like almost all of them felt the same way..does it means.....i am the one who should be blaming for???oh my God!i just want to feel the happiness once in my life..but it seems that,no one know that..they just put me on the guilty line.. is it???adoiiiiiii...i really don't understand what i'm writing about..but what i really sure is,all this wondering isues are always burning my head before this..huh..i feel a bit relieved now..